Digital transformation

We support companies wishing to take the digital turn.

Nowadays digital has integrated every aspect of our daily lives, the evolution of consumer needs and habits is directly linked to digital innovations. We are connected from morning to night and everything is going faster and faster because our communication goes to 50% on the internet. The observation is clear, in the quest for performance improvement in our companies, we must put aside all the old Excel software and tables that no longer bear the brunt of technological innovation.

What are the advantages of digitizing the company?

The digitalization of an activity or a business must above all be accompanied by a good digital strategy, if this strategy is well thought out, the digitalization of the company will bring undeniable advantages on it.

From a business perspective

These advantages are however different depending on the point of view.

  • Save time in processes
  • Faster and simplified communication between different businesses within the same company, and allows the use of collective intelligence
  • Improved working conditions for employees
  • More precise optimization of expenses and therefore an increase in profitability
  • Being able to collect a large amount of data on customers to refine the target of the company
  • Communication costs less because it is better targeted
  • Through new tools, CRM (customer relationship management tools), RES (social network of companies), accounting, process automation, automatic data processing, it is now possible to reach levels never imagined before.

From the customer's point of view

On the client side, other advantages will emerge:

  • By being more modern, the company will have a better image in the minds of customers
  • Better communication with the company and therefore greater loyalty
  • Get a more personalized and relevant offer based on your needs
  • Customer satisfaction is greater, it can indeed obtain post-purchase assistance more quickly and easily

But who can give you satisfaction?

Few companies really deal with this subject in depth. Many are only focused on the achievements of websites, mobile applications and social networks, which is only a small part of the digital aspect of business. AFFIDES is recognized by large companies, for having developed innovative tools and helping them to boost their performance. Today, digital has become the key success factor for any company wishing to remain a leader in its market in a society undergoing a technological boom.

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