Web sites

A website is a space for exchange and information with a simple purpose. It is used to present the activity of a company, an organization, present products and services, sell products, inform a target, increase the awareness of a company, a brand or a product, to broaden its circle of customers ... For very varied but identified reasons, more than 85% of websites do not reach their objectives and will end up, like the vast majority of websites, polluting the web.

To succeed in your project, certain rules must be followed and an action strategy put in place. The implementation of these steps is a technical and sometimes complicated work, it is therefore very important to entrust us with your project of realization of websites.

According to your needs and objectives. There are a variety of websites that meet specific objectives:

  • Showcase sites
  • Dynamic sites
  • Institutional sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Application sites (Intranets or Extranets)

The showcase site

Its role is to inform by putting forward the brand image of your company, by presenting your activity, your products, your services.

The dynamic site

The dynamic website is a showcase site that requires more technical functionality; example the website of a Hotel on which one can make reservations.

The institutional site

Presentation of the organization and its values by describing the activity, transmitting key figures and necessary information to the target audience.

The e-Commerce site

Merchant sites allow you to sell your products directly to Internet users who pay directly online. An e-commerce project is a separate web exercise that has many very specific points.

The application site (Intranet or Extranet)

These private and internal company sites share professional information only with authorized persons.
Whatever your choice among the various types of Internet sites to present your company or your organization, do not forget that your site is the window of your company, your visual identity, your business card on the web! By choosing AFFIDES, you benefit from a global approach to your web project. We master all the skills to guarantee the success of your project:

  • - Technical and functional design,
  • - The realization with a flawless finish,
  • - Accommodation,
  • - SEO
  • - The promotion.

Differentiate yourself, be unique, original and professional, all these motivations lead us to think about the design or redesign of your website differently. We design your website by studying with you your objectives, your targets and the opportunities it should be able to generate.

Are you looking for a professional approach to a quality site?