Track coronavirus statistics around the world in real time

Engineering computer Science

Business intelligence

Digital transformation

The management software suite for your companies.

SYMFONY is a business management solution that helps ensure organizational organizational efficiency by optimizing its business process.

  • Work offline
    No risk of blocking the sales activity if the connection is crappy.
  • Follow activity in real time
    Take cognizance remotely and in real time of your turnover and your statistics.
  • Save time and increase your sales
    The system optimizes and makes the service fast and expeditious.
  • Ensure customer loyalty.
    Give all your customers the opportunity to feel at home thanks to the loyalty card.

The smart dashboard that helps you in your business decision-making

Inspired by the pandore box, Pandora is a Business intelligence solution, essential for business leaders who want to monitor and measure the performance of their business in real time. Pandora brings you solutions on 2 levels:

  • The decision plan
    Gives you a global view of the results and allows you to follow the company's indicators and provide answers for better growth.
  • The forecast plan
    Projects you into the future by presenting you with the results that your company is likely to achieve and the key problems to be solved.

Our services

Engineering computer Science

From the design of an information system to the creation of a website, the Affides firm applies its knowledge, skills, tools, solutions and techniques to meet the requirements of your project....

Business intelligence

Business intelligence will allow you to make better decisions, improve operational efficiency, increase revenues, increase competitive advantage and perform predictive analyzes...

Digital transformation

Today, digital has become the key success factor for any company that wishes to position itself or remain a leader in its market. Our society is in full technological boom because we are connected from morning to evening...

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